Bring Your Body, Your Style, and Find the Most Personable Tailor in Madison

Your clothes need to fit, you need to be comfortable AND well dressed, and you don't need someone who treats you like a number. Come find out how much Natasha, the Seamstress at Fab Fashion Box, can do for you. Find out how comfortable you can really be.

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Fabulous Fashion Box – Your Personalized Tailor

It Should Be About You

Did you know you don’t have to fit into clothing that comes off the rack? Did you know that as your body changes, you don’t have to buy an all-new wardrobe every time? You can keep your favorite clothes and spend less by having them tailored than by replacing your ill-fitting wardrobe with another ill-fitting wardrobe time and time again. Rather than budgeting $100+ a month to replace your clothing, you could budget $30 or less to just get one or two tailored and fitted to you! Fabulous bonus: proper tailoring makes clothing last longer!

It Should Be Personal

Have you been to a tailor before? Tailoring shops are not always very personable. You can get a lot done, but it can feel very rushed. Working with me, Natasha, the Seamstress, I can help you know your size, your measurements, and give you tips on finding clothes that will fit better and be more comfortable from the start. Or, I can simply take what you have and make it fit you right. Personal means personalization, right? You can have that with me.

It Should Be Right

Getting the fabulous look and comfortable fit you want are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the best way to look great is to feel great, and great fitting clothing is part of that. Nearly no one can walk into a store and buy something off the rack that actually fits them perfectly. For many clothes like T-shirts or yoga pants, it’s irrelevant. For your button up shirts, your suits and dresses, and even your jeans, this is a big problem. Having clothes that fit comfortably often means looking less sharp, and looking sharp means being less comfortable.

Unless you hire a tailor. One like me.

Sign up for emailed deals here, head on over to my schedule page here, or simply call me. I take clients by appointment only, but as long as I’m not already booked, my hours are very accommodating.