Hello! I am a seamstress and tailor working to make sure that you can have clothing that fits you perfectly. You are reading my page, so you probably have clothes that you want to wear more comfortably. Or, maybe you don’t often find clothes that fit. After all, only a few people can fit clothes off the rack, many people don’t know they can have better. You do now; bring your clothes to a tailor.

Why Custom Sizing

If clothing doesn’t fit properly, it isn’t comfortable. Comfort doesn’t have to mean sweats or yoga pants. Clothing that is properly fitted is comfortable, no matter the style of clothing.

Clothing that is properly tailored also lasts longer. Clothing that is too tight rips, clothing that is too long gets dragged, clothing that doesn’t fit right stretches in a way it shouldn’t. Clothing that is washed correctly, stored properly, and made to fit the body that wears it will last for years.

Why Fabulous Fashion Box

I am a one woman operation with dedication to detail and an interest in making sure that every garment I touch fits. I have years of experience designing and sewing custom clothing and costumes, and fitting clothing. Let me make you more comfortable by using my experience to fit your clothes to you.