Common Tailoring Services

Tailoring, Your Clothes and You

I bet you want your clothes to fit; why else would you be looking for a tailor? See my most common requests listed below, but this isn’t everything I can do for you. Don’t see what you want? Call me at 608-622-7398 to make an appointment!

Casual and Business Tailoring Needs

Repair Seam (30 minute appointment) — $5
Hemming (30 minute appointment) — $15
Hem Pants; Invisible (40 minute appointment) — $25
Take in Waist; Pants or Skirt (1 week) — $25
Resize 1 size or more (2 weeks) — $60
Replace Zipper (1 week) — $22
Fit a Formal Dress (2 30-minute appointments, 3 weeks) — $80
Fit a Suit or Tuxedo (2 30-minute appointments, 3 weeks) — $80

Don’t see what you need? Want something custom made?¬†Contact me to make an appointment and get a quote!

Rush Fee

On each service, I have a recommended minimum time needed to complete the project. I CAN do things faster, but as it often involves putting someone ahead of other clients, it does require an additional rush fee of 50% of the service cost.

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