Wedding Tailor Services

Your Big Day: Your Wedding Day

Congratulations! You have a lot to do and an important day coming up! You have a dream look; I can help you make that dream reality. Here are the most common wedding tailoring requested.

Wedding Tailor Services

Bridal Fitting (3 30-minute appointments, 4 weeks) — $150
Tuxedo Fitting¬†(3 30-minute appointments, 4 weeks) — $150
Custom Veil (2 30-minute appointments, 3 weeks) — $60 + Supplies
Ribbon Belt (2 weeks) — $45
Lace Belt (2 weeks) — $60
Swarovski Crystal Embelishment (2 weeks) —$60

Wedding Party Package (2 weeks) — $2500 + Supplies

There are so many things that come up when getting ready for a wedding; the last thing you want is a small problem blowing your plans (and your budget). Instead of getting a quote or a bill that might surprise you, take my Wedding Retainer package. For two weeks, I will meet with you any time Monday through Friday, 10 am to 7 pm, and I will take care of whatever project you want me to. Fitting a gown or tuxedo, fitting all the bridesmaid dresses, or making custom pieces for your ensemble, anything that can be done in two weeks, I will do for you. No need to search frantically if something goes wrong; just give me a call and we will get it taken care of.

In addition, because I will put other projects aside in favor of yours, I will be able to dedicate more time for your needs, and can get most projects done faster than normal, without any rush fees. But if your wedding sewing needs definitely take more than two weeks, you can reserve two retainer periods back to back, and get a 10% discount on the retainer cost!

If you need more flexible meetings, some after hours appointments can be arranged, but are not guaranteed.
The retainer period must begin at least 16 days before the wedding date.

Patterned Wedding Gown (4 30-minute appointments, 4 weeks minimum) — $400 – 800 + Supplies

There are so many wedding dresses that have patterns made! Can you sew? Do you have time to sew? If not, I can do it for you, and you can have a fitted gown for a fraction of the big box store!

Custom Wedding Gown (4 30-minute appointments, 8 weeks minimum) — $3000

Can’t find exactly what you want? Do you have a perfect dress in mind, but just can’t find it anywhere? Bring your style board, your sketches, your collages of ideas, and we can bring that dress from an image to a real life fabric-and-thread work of art.

Rush Job

I want to give every dress, every bride, every project, enough time to get done right. Sometimes, though, there just isn’t the ideal time to give to a dress before the big day. There is an option; a Rush Job. If you have less time than the listed ideal time to get your dress or tuxedo altered, or anything else, give me a call to get a quote for the rush.

There’s Always More

If you don’t see what you need done in this list, just contact me by email or phone to get an estimate!